Armstrong WoodHaven Ceiling Plank

Western Red Cedar T&G

Premium Eastern Knotty White Pine T&G

Western Hemlock T&G
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Tongue & Groove

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here’s not a lumber yard or home center in the greater Susquehanna Valley of Central Pennsylvania that stocks the variety of tongue & groove products we do. Period. End of story. We’re not patting our collective backs here at Middletown Lumber. But the truth is the truth. All these choices. All for ceilings, walls and wainscoting.

Armstrong WoodHaven Ceiling Plank

1140 Classic White, 1149 White Beadboard, 1263 New Apple, 1264 Rustic Pine, 1265 White Wash, 1266 Walnut, 1268 Natural Cherry, 1269 Clear Maple, 1272 Cherry Spice, 1273 Weathered

Pennsylvania Shiplap Barn Siding

Barn Red, Limed White, Antique Brown, Walnut Brown, Driftwood Gray

Western Red Cedar & Redwood

1x6 Select Knotty V-Joint, 1x8 Select Knotty V-Joint, 1x4 A & Better (Clear) V-Joint, 1x6 A & Better (Clear) V-Joint, 1x8 A & Better (Clear) V-Joint, 1x6 Clear All Heart V-Joint Redwood

Premium Eastern Knotty White Pine

1x6 Edge & Center Beaded Pine, 1x8 Edge & Center Beaded Pine, 1x6 Pickwick*, 1x8 Pickwick*, 1x10 Pickwick*

*Like the knotty pine used in the ‘50’s and ‘60’s


1x4 V-Joint Philippine Mahogany, 1x6 Beaded Philippine Mahogany

Western Hemlock

5/8x4 Clear Beaded Mixed Grain, 5/8x4 Clear Beaded Vertical Grain, 5/8x6 Clear Beaded Vertical Grain

Arauco (UH-RO’-CO)

1x4 Primed Finger Joint Edge & Center Beaded Pine, 1x6 Primed Finger Joint Edge & Center Beaded Pine

Douglas Fir

5/8x4 Clear Edge & Center Beaded, 5/8x6 Clear Edge & Center Beaded