Other Siding

Middletown LumberWe stock some different stuff. Our “other” siding products are shining examples of that fact!

Our other siding products are defined by two different collections. The first … German Siding also called dutchlap in knotty white pine.

1×6, 8-16 lengths

The second… tongue & groove, edge & center bead which we stock in two different species: clear hemlock and knotty White Pine.

1×6 and 1×8 knotty white pine 8-16 lengths
1×6 hemlock 8-18 lengths


  • German Siding in Knotty White Pine
  • Tongue & Groove, Edge & Center Bead in Clear Hemlock
  • Tongue & Groove, Edge & Center Bead in Knotty White Pine

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